No one who sets his hand to a plow should look back.

Wednesday, 9/28/16

Jesus said, “No one who sets a a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom.” What he means is that if the man plowing keeps looking back he will serve out of line.

Beyond that, what Jesus particularly had in mine was that once you or I have decided on doing God’s work, we should not be distracted from it by our desire to be more popular or to have more money in the bank.

I have known farm boys who, after going on to being priests, have begun wearing spats and behaving like high class gentry.  I have teased them by saying, “Once you took your hand from the plow, you never looked back at your humble beginnings,”

We should never forget Jesus telling us, "You know how among the Gentiles those who exercise authority lord it over them. It cannot be like that with you. You must be a servant to the rest."

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