I dreamed of five silver balls, each containing a miraculous elemeint of our faith..

Tuesday, 9/13/16

In a dream yesterday, I felt called upon to encourage teenagers to appreciate and to practice the faith. To bring that about, I saw a string of five silver balls, similar to five Christmas tree ornaments. Each of the five of them contained one of the great values that come to us as Christians.

The first silver ball, borrowing from yesterday’s first reading’s description of the Lord’s Supper, describes  the how at Mass we are all transformed into one Pleasing Gift with Our Lord.

The second silver ball, borrowing from today’s first reading, has us reflecting on how each of our bodies, composed of five trillion cells, contains a  core on DNA that could serve to clone  you or me.

The third silver ball contained a mirror image of the great white clouds transporting fresh water across our beautiful blue skies.

The fourth silver ball honors our uniquely human ability to compose songs and
paintings that artistically mirror the beauties of nature.

The fifth silver ball honors the love we feel for family and friends.

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