Enter into conversation with Mary in her sorrows.

Thursday, 9/15/16

Mary’s sorrows might invite you to speak closely with her. Ask her how she felt the morning when Jesus was forty days old, and she and Joseph wrapped him warm, and carried him to the temple. Were there so many young couples there with their first-borns that you were lost in the crowd? How did it feel to be singled out by Simeon?

We could never understand or feel what it was like for Mary when Simeon told her, ”Your own soul a sword shall pierce.” Stay with her on that.

Then, when her twelve-year-old boy disappeared on the trip to Jerusalem, was she an example of assurance, teaching other mothers how to deal with threatened disaster? Or did she just fall apart?

Mary, John was our surrogate standing with you under the cross. Small minded people like us could never know what you felt standing there. Our unworthiness will only permit us to place ourselves far to the side, overcome with awe for mother and son. 

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