Would we put our llives on the line to follow Jesus?

Thursday, 9/1/16

Our Gospel says that those four young fishermen: Simon, Andrew. James and John “left everything and followed” Jesus.

When World War II was coming on, and we were hearing stories of the Nazis gassing millions of Jewish people, our young men wanted to get in there to fight for what is right.

Johnny Buchar was a year ahead of me in our Catholic Grade School, and he got into a company of boys coming down in gliders, ready to fight.  At one of our parish dances Johnny was most proud of his uniform. The Germans shot him as his crew were gliding into the front.

Berry Albright from down the street from me was amazing at gymnastics, but it didn’t save him from the North Korean gunners.

 Those two died, but hundreds of other guys we knew put their lives on the line for what is right. Are we prepared to leave everything, and follow Jesus?  

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