Would St. Paul help the refugees trying to pass through Thessalonica?

Monday, 8/22/16

Our first readings for the next three days will be taken from Paul’s Second Letter to the Thessalonians. Paul, on his second missionary journey had spent only a few days in Thessalonica  before being driven out by a pact of hired ruffians. He was later brought to write this letter on hearing that some quack was telling the Thessalonians that the world was about to end.

If Paul were alive now we wonder what his reaction would be to the refugee situation in Thessalonica. The city, known now as Salonica, is just inside of Macedonia, and it is twin to the Greek city to Edomeni. The railway tracks between the two cities are lined with the shacks of refugees who want to cross into Macedonia on their way to Germany; and sometimes the Greek police attempt to scatter them.

Do you think Paul would do something to help those refugees if he were alive today?

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