Read Chapter Twelve of the letter to the Hebrews.

Sunday, 8/21/16 Someone in the Gospel asked Jesus if many are saved, and the first reading seems to answer that by saying that many will come from out of the way places as Put and Lud and Tubal. At Vatican II, all the world’s bishops repeatedly declared that God wills the salvation of all. Paragraph 16 of the Constitution on the Church states, “Divine providence will not deny the assistance necessary for salvation to those who without any fault of their own have not yet arrived at an explicit knowledge of God.” However, although salvation is attainable to all, it doesn’t come easily. All ancient cities were built around a single main gate where all city business was conducted. As a rule though, each town had one small gate hidden in foliage, around the back. They were each manned by s single gate keeper who opened only to those who had made themselves known to him. The only way to be sure that the old man will let you through is for you to repeatedly come around, getting known by him. Our second reading from Chapter Twelve of Hebrews, follows on Chapter Eleven’s bundle of short bios of Old Testament heroes by telling us to make it a practice of imitating those individuals who make it a practice of entering through the narrow gate. Last week we had the first four verses of Chapter Twelve. Today’s reading picks up with the next verse. Get out your Bible and read it for yourself.

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