Luke portrays the public life of Jesus in two parts.

Wednesday, 8/31/16

In Luke’s Gospel the public life of Jesus begins with this week’s readings from his Chapter Four, when Jesus preached in the synagogue in Capernaum.

Luke shows the public life of Jesus as breaking into two parts. From this Chapter Four through Chapter Nine, Luke relates all the miracles by which Jesus showed himself to be the true Savior. This account begins with Jesus driving out demons by his simple word, and by the demons declaring him to be the chosen one of God.

The next four chapters recount the miracles by which Jesus convinced his disciples that he was the Messiah. Then, this first half of the Gospel concludes with Peter confessing. “You are the Messiah of God.”

Having convinced his followers that he is the Savior, in the second half of his Gospel. Luke has Jesus showing us that the way he will save us was by his suffering; and to be his followers we will need to accept suffering too.      

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