Jesus gave us his mother to be our mother too.

Monday, 8/15/16

In driving our first parents out of Paradise, God told them that death and decay would be the punishment for their sins. But sinless Mary, preserved from sin, was preserved from that punishment. She was taken to heaven as she was in life.

There were no witnesses to her assumption, but no Christian community has ever claimed to be the place of her burial.

From the cross, Jesus gave Mary to you and to me as a loving mother. We don’t need to think of her as Queen of Heaven and Earth or to give her any other fancy title. It is more than enough to know that Jesus gave Mary to us as our mother.

She is our sinless mother. But that is looking at the gift negatively. Being sinless, she is good through and through.

In striving to see her kindly and beautiful face, we could make a composite of the continence of some perfect child or of some dear old lady. Failing at that, we could ask her for the feeling she is sitting beside us, joining us in looking out at the water or the sky. I like that. Without getting even a little crazy about this, we cold relax next to her, with one hand on hers.

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