It could happen to you

Tuesday, 8/16/16

Ezekiel addressed himself to the the Prince of the great Phoenician trading city of  Tyre, damning him for thinking of himself as a god.

It reminds me of a small occurrence in my life almost sixty years ago. I had been pastor of a country parish in Korea for four years, and I went into the capitol of Seoul to greet four priests who had just arrived in the country.

We were sitting near the fridge, and I was giving those newcomers some of my hard-learned wisdom as a priest already five years in Korea. The young priests seemed appreciative of my advice, but suddenly one of them stood up and addressed me.

He asked, “Who are you, God?”

I guess I was acting that way. So, even one who is not a prince of Tyre could slip into thinking of himself as having all the answers. Watch out! It could happrn to you. 

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