Each of us is born with a potential for mirroring one facet of God. We use the talents entrusted to us by developing our potential.

Saturday, 8/27/16

In Our Lord’s Gospel parable today, the king rewarded the servants who used their talents for success. Forgive me for telling an old story of mine that was prompted by this Gospel.

Thirty years ago a kid raised her hand in class, asking, “Father, if we are all made in God’s image, how come some people are left handed.”

I gave her a mean answer. I said, “My sister Peggy is left handed, so I think God makes all mean people left handed so we can tell who they are.” But afterwards I took to puzzling over the kid’s question, asking myself how we can all be like God when we are so different from each oher.

The answer that popped into my head was that if we picture God as being like a many faceted jewel, we can see each of us born to mirror a different facet of God.

No, that can’t be exactly right. We know plenty of people who are not like God at all. Still, there is some worth to my idea that we each mirror a different facet of God.

My idea works if you see each of us as being born with a potential of mirroring a different facet of God. If by practicing virtue, and by avoiding sinfulness, we clarify our images, we can gradually begin to be more and more God-like, each in our own way. That kind of good behavior is what is like investing those talents God gave us. 


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