AS God's prophets we cannot remain too childlike.

Tuesday, 8/9/16

I have often mentioned that the Hebrew word for a prophet was nabi, which was also a child’s name for his or her mouth. Those people thought of a prophet as one who lends his mouth to God to speak God’s word. God called Jeremiah by reaching out and touching his mouth. He called Isaiah by searing his lips with a red-hot coal. He here calls Ezekiel by filling Ezekiel’s moth wit his words.

I also like reminding you that after a Catholic Baptism the priest anoints the new Christian with chrism, anointing him as a prophet.

With that in mind, we should not go too far in being childlike.  As God’s spokesmen we cannot remain in childlike ignorance. Each of us is born with a unique potential for becoming God-like, and we can only be God’s mouthpieces when we have progressed to closely being like him in mind and maturity.

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