When God calls us we must go along with him.

In our readings from Jeremiah we have skipped this passage from Chapter 20. Let's look at it.

Jeremiah, 20: 7-10

7.You duped me, O Lord, and I let myself be duped;
    you were too strong for me, and you triumphed.
    All the day I am an object of laughter,
      everyone mocks me.

8. Whenever I speak, I must cry out,
     violence and outrage is my message;
  the word of the Lord has brought me
     derision and reproach all the day.

9. I say to myslf, “I will not mention him,
       I will speak in his name no more.
    But then it becomes like fire burning
       In my heart, imprisoned in my bones.
   I grow weary holding it in.
     I cannot endure it.  

10. Yes, I hear the whisperings of many;
         “Terror on every side,
         Denounce, let us denounce him.”
      All those who were my friends
         are on the watch for any misstep of mine.
     “Perhaps he will be trapped; then we can prevail;
        and take our vengeance on him.”

Jeremiah belonged to a set of gentlemen who had the leisure to sit and discuss important issues, However, God called him to be a prophet. We too might prefer living as comfortable sinners, and so we can sympathize with Jeremiah who had God’s word burning inside of him.

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