The Messiah will be the most gentle of men.

Saturday, 7/16/16

The Prophet Isaiah died in or about the year 700 B.C, and the first thirty-nine chapters of the  Book of Isaiah the Prophet record his words.

However, from Chapter Forty on, we have the words of one or more prophets from around the year 540 B.C. Now, in those later chapters we find imbedded four great poems dedicated to God’s Suffering Servant. Today’s reading from Chapter Forty-Two presents the first of the four.

It pictures the Messi as a  quiet, extremely mild person.

It goes on the say he will not break a bruised reed, and he will not quench a smoldering wick. The bruised reed may refer to a student who is slow learning to write. The smoldering wick may refer to a student who is slow at learning to read.

Jesus, our teacher, will be outstanding for his patience with those of us who are slow.

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