Sunday, 7/10/16

Jesus told us that while the greatest commandment is that we love and serve God, there is a second that is not far from it; namely that we love our neighbor as our self.

I have never come close to living by those rules. I do think about God at times, and I do love some of my neighbors, but our Lord’s story raises the bar much higher than that. For the Samaritan the man who fell in with robbers was a Jew who would never even sit down and eat with a Samaritan.

Isn’t it amazing what the Samaritan did for this man who looked down on him? He tended to his wounds. He put him on his beast, leaving himself to plod along beside him. He paid for his room at the inn. The Samaritan’s friends must have called him a fool for doing all that.

How often have you been that kind? If not many times, then you need to get going on being a Good Samaritan if you want Jesus to call you a friend.

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