Instead of serving our wealth, we should let it serve us.

Sunday, 7/31/16

Today, in our Lord’s parable, Jesus says that God called the rich man a fool. What made him a fool? Well, A fool is someone who gives up true happiness for something that turns sour on him.

The Jews back then planted their winter wheat on the day of autumn’s last full moon. Then, on the day of spring’s first full moon, they would brush their way through the standing wheat; and  they would hand-harvest the first few ripe ears from here and there. That night, they would make a dough without yeast, and eat those cakes as they had eaten their Passover meal in Egypt.

To get the whole crop in before the seasonal rains, they would from that night of eating the unleavened bread work from sunup to sundown for forty days, harvesting and winnowing, packing away their flour.

Then came the harvest feast, a time of unspeakable joy, a time of eating, of drinking, of dancing and of marrying. But not the poor rich man. Rather than having his wealth serve him, he had to sere his wealth.

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