God calls on us privileged ones to be his shepherds.

Tuesday, 7/19/16

The reading from the prophet Micah opens with these words, “Shepherd your people with your staff, the flock of your inheritance.”

Those words seem to be a prayer by which we ask God to make things right with us people. However, the reverse of that could be meant: they could be the Lord’s words by which he is telling us privileged people to take up the task of setting things right with our world.

We are told in the introduction to the Book of Micah the Prophet that back around 720 B.C. Micah urged king Hezekiah and his court to abandon their evil ways, and to set things right.

In a way, you and I are the rulers of our country. After all, It is a democracy, and that means it is a nation ruled by its people. Instead of our complaining about what our government doesn’t do for us, we should set an example by abandoning our evil ways, and setting things right.

The French coastal city of Nice, along its beaches, is our most fabulous playground of the wealthy. However, the outer rim of Nice, up from the beaches and casinos, is made up of people fled from Tunis. Forty percent of its people lack employment, and over a hundred of the young men have been recruited by ISIS.

They also are God’s people. He calls on us privileged ones to stand in as his shepherds, leading lost sheep to green fields and to clear water.   

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