By over and over asking for help from our Father in heaven we are acknowledging our depence on him.

Sunday, 7/24/16

In his little story Jesus compared our Father in heaven to a man who will only get up to help us when we have made nuisances of ourselves by asking and knocking over and over. How strange!

 In his odd story what is Jesus telling us about God? Is he saying God is a sound sleeper? No! Is he saying that God only gives in to get rid of us? No!

Then, why does God want us to keep asking?

There are at least two reasons why he wants us to keep on asking.

First, we will receive more by our keeping on asking. The Mass today is teaching us that lesson by giving us that story about Abraham. At first he got God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if there were fifty innocent people there. So after he got God to spare those cities if there were thirty just souls there, he kept on jewing God down to where he would save them if there were  five just people between the two cities.

God’ other reason for wanting us to again and again ask for help is that by doing so we are  acknowledging our complete dependence on him.

We, his children, are completely dependent on him for what we are and for all we possess. Our failure to frequently come to him would be he same as insulting this dear Father.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry Father but you are wrong. Abraham did not "jew" God down to five people. It was ten. See Genesis 18:32. Thanks and God bless. TCL

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