"Your light must shine before others."

Tuesday, 6/7/16

In telling us, “Your light must shine before others” Jesus was telling us that he will hold us responsible for fully using the talents God has given us. Our good health, our mental abilities were not given to us for our own pleasure. No, God channels them through us for the benefit of others.

Let me repeat a story that I have told over and over. Thirty years ago Casey, a Sixth Grade girl, raised her hand, asking, “If we are all made on God’s image, how come some people are left- handed?”

My answer was, “My sister Peggy is left-handed; so I think God makes all mean people left- handed so we can know who they are.”

Actually, Peggy was the superb mother of thirteen children whom she raised beautifully. So, and when I thought about it seriously, I saw that Casey was really asking how we can all be in God’s mage when we are quite different from each other.

The answer I came up with was that we can compare God to a many faceted diamond, and each of us is born with the potential of developing to where we mirror a our own facet of God.

Each of us is God-like in a different way. The more we let our light shine, the more we let the world benefit from our Godliness.

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