We leave full obedience to God as our gift on the altar.


Thursday, 6/9/16

Jesus spoke about leaving our gift on the altar.

We Catholics have a special way of leaving our gift on th altar. We do that at Mass when Jesus is laying the gift of himself on the altar.

Our word for that gift makes of himself is the Eucharist. It is Greek for “pleasing gift.” As he comes on to our altar, he makes a request of us. He asks us to become part of his Eucharist by promising to love God and our neighbor with our whole hearts. We should consciously make that gift or ourselves, Joining Jesus as part of thr Eucharist.

If there is one or more of our neighbors whom we are refusing e to love, we cannot be part of Our Lord’s one Eucharist. We should clean that up so that are Mass will be complete.

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