We don't need to be perfect. It is enough for us to be complete.

Tuesday, 6/14/18

Jesus sais, “You have heard that it was said, “You shall hate your enemies.” However, we don’t hear people saying that in America.

No. It is true that back in Biblical times people felt they had to kill a wandering stranger before he killed them. Cain told God, “If I am made a wanderer on the face of the earth, anyone who sees me will kill me.”

In Rwanda the Hutus killed off a million of the rival tribe of the Tutsis because they were raised to hate them. In South Sudan the Nuer people and the Murie tribesmen are brought up to hate each other.

The closest that we Americans come to hating some groups is that we see them as different from us.  Once when I was twelve I was with my mother eating lunch from a picnic table. Then, a black family began picnicking at a neighboring table. My eyes bulged when one of those ladies opened her blouse, and began nursing her baby.

My mother’s explanation of that unexpected behavior was, “Tom, they are just different from us.”

Without meaning to do it, my mother there stated the basis we Americans have for not getting on together. No! No! Mother. They are not different from us. As children of the same heaenly Father we have no reason to see each other as different

And, another thing! Jesus did not tell us to be perfect. Matthew, writing in Greek, quoted Jesus as saying, ”We must be complete people.”

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