We are only free to love our neighbor when we are free from being self absorbed.

Sunday, 6/26/16

In the passage from his Letter to he Galatians Paul makes two statements:

1.     1. “Christ has set us free, so we must not submit to the yoke of slavery.”
2.     2. “The whole law is summed up in this: You shall; love your neighbor as yourself.”

Let’s take them one at a time. First, Christ has set us free, and we must not submit to slavery. In our time the most common type of slavery is that of addictions. When you really just “got to have” a drug, a smoke, or a drink you are a slave to that habit. We are free when no ties to selfish desires holds us back from enjoying the beauty of the world and the people around you.

Secondly, you might question Paul’s saying that love of neighbor sums up all the Law. You  might object that the law forbids fornication and self abuse, but those things do not detract from our loving our neighbor. However, they definitely do, because your capacity for loving your neighbor diminishes in direct proportion to your self-absorption.

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