It's preposterous that we should call the great God "Our Father."

Thursday, 6/16/1

It is altogether preposterous that you and I should refer to the great God as “Our
Father,” and yet we have called him Father so often that has become a cliché. That’s bad! That’s bad!

Let’s remind ourselves who God is.

There is a line from Dante’s “Divine Comedy” that approaches him with a touch of reality: “All things possess among themselves an order, and this order is the form that makes the universe like God.”

Let’s look at some things that have an established order. Well, there is the musical scale, so that a voice in perfect pitch is Godlike.

Each of the five trillion cells that make up your body has a DNA nucleus with the formula for creating a true copy of you, if anyone wants one.

Each and every oxygen atom has an identical eight electrons circulating in its God-like orbit.

Like I say, it is preposterous that we should be so familiar with the great God that we should call him,”Father.”

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