"His mother kept all these things in her heart."

Saturday, 6/4/16

His mother kept all these things in her heart.” We there see Mary as the finest of all humans when it comes to pondering the mysteries of God. 

The Church sets aside this fourth of June as a day when we speak of Mary’s heart as being immaculate. By that, the Church is not presenting her as being the supreme goody-goody, as someone unattainable.

No, just the opposite. Her absence of sin shows her to be one who could not harbor a grudge against you or me. In calling her heart immaculate, we are calling it approachable. When we turn to her in prayer, we can immediately feel her loving sweetness.

Probably each of us has been fortunate to know some nearly immaculate individuals. Hopefully, in our past, there has been one such man or woman whose sinlessess welcomes us into an orbit of love and understanding.

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