Happy Feast Day. Peter. Happy Feast Day, Paul.

Wednesday, 6/29/16

Today is a feast day, the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, and in mentally looking around for something fresh to say about them, I happened to think of our Christian custom of naming children after our saints. When we do that, at least in the back of our minds, we commit the child to the care of that saint. So, in a way, today is also the feast day of every Peter and of every Paul. So, “Happy feast day, Peter,” “Happy feast day, Paul.”

Happy Feast day, Father Peter McGlinchey. In 1953 Father P.J opened a parish on Jeju-do island, ninety miles off Korea’s south west coast. He wondered why there were no sheep grazing on the slopes of Hallasan, the island’s dormant volcano. He hit on the idea of importing sheep from Australia where he had seen similar grass. And it worked. His first shipload of Australian sheep multiplied, becoming the parents of wide grazing flocks, and going on to start a weaving industry that has lifted people out of poverty.

Happy Feast day, Paul Smyth. Paul has allowed his wonderful dad to stay in the house he has owned for fifty years. He mows Frank’s lawn, does is shopping, and enables him to keep working on his studies.

Paul Karabinis is married to my niece Laura. He is a Fine Arts and Photography professor at the University of North Florida. Since 1981, any time his name comes up, there are former students who enthuse over how his mentoring added value to their lives. Happy Feast day, Paul!

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