God made us to be his servants, and we have no choice in that.

Monday, 6/27/16

In he Gospel, various would-be followers of Jesus came forward. One man would follow Jesus after his father had passed away. Another would have followed Jesus, but decided against it then he heard that he would not be provided with proper accommodations.

The joke is on them. Such men are like people born into slavery who up and decide they will not be slaves. Well, sorry, you have no choice in the matter. As the Catechism put it, “God made me to know him, to love him and to serve him.”

Or as Jesus put it, “You have not chose me, but I have chosen you; and I have appointed you to go and to bear much fruit.

The only option open to us is that of being lazy, unhappy servants of God; or of being his willing, happy servants.

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