When we see someone or something as good,or beautiful or truthful we are seeing them as like God.

Sunday, 5/22/16

Today is what the Church calls the feast of the Blessed Trinity, but that name for God does not do justice to the picture of God we are given by the Bible and the saints. 

That word “trinity” forces us to think of God as a three-sided divinity rather than as the Father image we have from the Scriptures or as the saints know him. They present him as everything beautiful, truthful and good.

Actually,  I am there quoting St. Thomas Aquinas. He told us that when you say someone or something is good you are saying they are like God. When you say someone is beautiful, you are saying that one is like God. When you say something is truthful, you are saying it is like God.

Perhaps even better than that is the Beloved Apostle John’s depiction of God as Love.

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