We should all become one as Jesus and the Father are one.

Wednesday, 5/11/16

Our Lord’s prayer for us is that we might all be one as he and the Father are one. Now, will that come automatically, or is there something we must do to become one? And, if there is something we must do, what is it?

One approach would be to take the saying “Love thy neighbor as thyrself,” and take it to mean not “Love thy neighbor as much as you love yourself,’ but rather, “Love thy neighbor as though he or she were yourself.”

In other words, maybe we are being told to practice empathy. But, if so, where do we start? A  great actor like Alec Guinness could assume the role of a New York cop  by following one on his beat, clicking his nightstick along the picket fence. Short of doing that, we could stretch our imaginations to understanding what others are up against.

 Or we could look to ourselves, searching out the impediments we manufacture that distance us from the others. Anyway, we should work at it with the goal of being one.

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