We are save by Hope.

Monday, 5/23/16

St. Peter complimented Christians like us. It was easy for him to believe Jesus and love him. After all, he loved Jesus and believed him because he had seen him,  seen his miracles. It is harder for us to believe and love Jesus from two thousand years ago.

We have been given the gift of Faith that allows us to love and believe Jesus. However, we have friends and relatives who were given the gift of Faith, but they have drifted away from believing.

Continuing in our Faith is never automatic. We must do our part in sustaining it by daily asking the Lord into our heart, an by not cluttering our hearts and minds with habits that leave no room for Christ.

It isn’t always easy. I often think of what St. Paul said in Romans, Chapter Eight, verse 24 - “In hope we were saved. Now hope that sees for itself is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?  

We must practice Charity even when we are not inclined to, and we must hope even when we are not inclined to. That’s how he get saved.

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