St. James told the people to call in the priests when one of theirs was sick.

Saturday, 5/21/16

If you look at the Table of Contents for the Old Testament, you will see that the books fall into three categories. They were Historical books, Prophetic books, or Wisdom books. I mention this to point out that in the New Testament this Letter of James is the only Wisdom book.

Let me point out another oddity. We old timers who were raised on basic Catholic teachings, were not familiar with the Bible except in cases like this when the Letter of James mentioned calling in the priests to pray over the sick person.

Turning to the Gospel, we Americans love children so much that we are surprised that Jesus had to give the world this lesson on the need to love children. However, it hasn’t been that way with older nations. Their cultures were geared toward honoring old age. With us, a person in his fifties finds it hard to land a job, but in Chinese tradition such a one was not yet a full person.

I don’t know how it is now, but fifty years ago when I was in Korea, the only birthday they celebrated was the sixtieth. One wasn’t seen to be a complete person until then. So, the people thought it a strange thing when I had a full funeral for a twenty-four year old girl.

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