Pal, like each of us, was hurt by people preferring someone else.

Saturday, 5/7/16

Paul moved on two years after he had founded the Church in Corinth, and afterwards, an eloquent new Christian named Apollos settled in there, and many people preferred his preaching to Paul’s.

It wounded Paul’s pride when he heard that some people preferred Apollos to him,  He felt the need to set the matter right. That had him writing to the church in Corinth. In his First Letter, verses three, eight he wrote, “Paul has planted, Apollos has watered, but it is God who gived the increase. 

It is reassuring to find that the great St. Paul’s feelings could be hurt over another being preferred to him. We are all that way. The Christian struggle consists in enjoying the successes of others the way their heavenly Father does.

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