If you use others as stepping stones you will fall on your face.

Thursday, 5/19/16

The Responsorial Psalm gives us a picture of the end of those who lived for themselves: “Like sheep they are herded off to the nether world.”

The First Reading tells us how such people ended up as nameless sheep herded into hell. They ended up nameless because they turned others into their nameless stepping stones.

I grew up on Reber Place, and playing baseball together we called ourselves “The Reber Rats.” David, a boy from the next block always played shortstop for us. He was so good, and so clearly a team player,  that we never questioned about his being a true River Rat.

It was so smooth and effortless the way David snagged everything hit to him, and the way he never lost sight of the help each one of us needed from him.

As good as he was, he never tried to make a name for himself. So I am sure God didn’t let him  end up like one of those nameless sheep herded off to the nether world.

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