Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."

Saturday, 4/16/16

Peter went to Joppa where the widows were gathered around Tabitha who had just passed away.  It reminds me of one of my old Korea stories.

All through offering Mass one Saturday morning in Yang Yang, I kept thinking about having a big breakfast. But then,  when I came away from the altar, there was a widow waiting for me. She was from a village up the valley, and she and her friends had prepared a dying man to receive Baptism. She said I had to come right away, so off I trudged.

After five miles of grumbling, I came to the place where ten or more widows were squatting around a dying man. I asked the old fellow if he believed in Christ, and he said he did. The widows assured me he had agreed to everything in their Old People's Catechism.

So I baptized the gentleman, anointed him, and gave him Holy Communion. With that, the ladies began chanting the prayers for the dying, and I sat back on my haunches.

Suddenly the man looked up, interrupting the ladies, and he asked, "Has the Father had his breakfast?"

Everyone looked to me, and i assured them I wasn't worried about that. But the old man insisted. "Father, you have done all you can for me. Now, I won't be happy unless you go get something to eat."

So I started for home, and later I learned that he died just after I left.

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