In him we have light.

Wednesday, 4/13/16

We read today that it is the will of the Father that everyone who believes in the Son may have eternal life, and we take that to mean that by believing in the Son, we gain the right to live forever in heaven. And it does that mean that, by believing in the Son we do earn the right to live forever, but by believing in him we also gain light.

Why do I say that? I say it in reference to verse three of Chapter One of John’s Gospel.

“What came to be through him was life, and this life was the light of the human race.”

Okay. He is our light. In what way is that true? It is true in the way that the funny papers show a man to be thinking by picturing a light going on over his head.

The Word gives humans something possessed by no other creatures under the sun. He gives us consciousness.

Whatever you might think about that idea, you are thinking it because “his life is the light of the whole human race.”

You should savor each thought, regarding it as a gift that allows you to live like God.

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