St. Paul never spoke of Jesus. He said."It is now not I who live, but Christ who lives on me."

Tuesday, 3/29/16

Mary Magdalene didn’t recognize Jesus, taking him for the gardener. And if that puzzles us, it should. The risen Christ is more than a puzzle. He is mystery, that which we will never be able to fully understand.

The risen Christ has gone beyond the physical Jesus who ate and slept. Paul, in the twelve letters he penned, was so aware of the difference that he never mentioned Jesus. He always related himself to the risen Christ, saying such things as, “It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.”  

In speaking of this, I cannot pretend to know just how we are to relate to Christ; but my feeling is that we should not limit our addresses to him as just “Jesus,” with such hymns as “Jesus, Jesus, you are my God.” I feel I am doing better in reaching out to the mystery of Christ, knowing and loving him as he is now.

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