Let these scenes play out in the theater of you mind.

Sunday, 3/6/16

You should let this story of the man born blind play out as scenes in the theater of your mind.

Scene One: You picture a market place in Jerusalem, It is Friday afternoon just before the sunset brings on the Sabbath rest. The Pharisees enter the market for a proclamation.

Pharisees: It has been declared by the Sanhedrin that anyone who acknowledge Jesus to be the  Messiah would be cast out of the synagogue.           

People: What a cruel punishment. But look, the sun is about to set. Let’s gather up  our wares! .

Man Born Blind: Would someone please lead me into the synagogue.

People: Don’t be foolish. Born blind, you are born in sin. The synagogue’s not for you.

Scene Two: The Man Born Blind had been left alone, when Jesus and his disciples come on.

Disciples, Master, who has sinned, this man or his parents that he should be born blind?

Jesus:  Neither this man nor his parents had any particular sin. He is here to reveal God's work.

(Jesus then spat in the dust, making clay that he  spread on the eye sockets, commanding him,)

Jesus     Go, wash in the pool of Siloam! (The man stumbles off to wash. As Jesus leaves.)

Scene three: The people come out from the synagogue.  The  Man comes back, seeing.

People:  Isn’t that the Man Born Blind?. .  It is. . . But it can’t be. No one born blind sees.

Man           I am he.

People       Just supposing you are, . .  how has this happened?

Man            The man called Jesus made mud with his saliva, smearing it on my eyes.

People        We cannot accept this. The Pharisees have banned followers of Jesus. This man must be brought to the Pharisees.

Scene four:  The Man Born Blind is put on trial before the Pharisees. They have him describe what happened.

Pharisees    That Jesus, by rubbing clay on your eyes violated the Sabbath rest is a sinner.

Man            Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. But, I was blind, but now I see.

Scene five: The Pharisees question the parents of the Man.

Parents       We know he is our son. And we know he was born blind. But, as to how he now sees, we  do mot know. He is of age. Ask him.

Scene six: They dismiss the parents, and call back the son, again asking him what Jesus did for him..
Man            Why do you want to hear again?  Do you want to be his disciples?

Pharisees    We are disciples of Moses. We don’t know where this man comes from.

Man            That is surprising that you do not know where this man came from, yet he opened my eyes. If this man were not from God he would not have been able to do anything.

Pharisees    You were born in sin, yet you presume to teach us? Guards. Throw this man out!

Scene seven: Now, even the people of the marketplace shun the man born blind. He is all alone                    
                      when Jesus comes up on him.

Jesus             Do you believe in the Son of Man?

Man               Who is he, sir?

Jesus             It is he who is speaking to you.

Man        I do believe, Lord. (He falls down before Jesus.)

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