Jesus is the light of he world.

Monday, 3/14/16

The people of old Jerusalem had a yearly feast when they recalled the forty years when their ancestors lived in tents. For a week they abandoned their homes, setting up tents in the streets and squares.

In the evenings of that week, they strolled to the temple courtyard where they acted out scenes from the Exodus. A beloved feature of the week was a huge torch that represented the cloud of fire that led them through desert nights.

For them, that giant torch they saw only that one week a year, had something like the charm of our Christmas tree. A sad moment came when the temple servants snuffed  the torch for another year.

It was then that Jesus astounded the throng by raising his voice above  their murmuring. He called out, “I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in darkness.”  

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