Are we morally bound to search out and follow the truth?

Tuesday, 3/15/16

According to the Gospel, in the last year of Our Lords life, all Jerusalem was alive with questioning about him. Some were saying he could be the Messiah, many were doubting it. The Pharisees, in a way, didn’t care. All they knew was that he was a danger to their comfortable lives.

It might make you think about the questioning in America on the morning of many crucial party elections. Everywhere you hear arguments for and against Tromp, for and against Hillary, for and against Bernie. We all have a right to vote, and we all have a right to our own opinion.

But is that true? Does each of us have the right to favor one candidate over the the others? What I’d like to know is does each of us have the moral duty to seek out the truth? I Googled that question, getting no satisfactory answer.

But don’t our inborn ethics bind us to know and love the truth. Doesn’t our duty as American citizens bind us to put whims aside to find out and support the best candidate for our country?

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Anonymous said...

We are duty bound as Americans to research and vote for the one we feel would do the best job. That is Democracy. Yes we have a moral obligation. Theresa Longino

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