We must become real partakers in the Mass, not just spectators.

Monday, 2/28/16

We should reflect on how our Mass is deeply rooted in the Last Supper. We should , reflect on what Jesus meant by saying, “Do this in memory of me.”

The early Church knew that Jesus meant more than that use his exact words over the bread and wine. They knew that he wanted them to take full parts in his sacrifice.

The early Church had a handbook for properly conducting their religious rites. And it said this about taking part in the Mass:

“When you come together begin by confessing your sins, so that your sacrifice may be pure; and if you have disagreements, settle them; so that they do not take away from your sacrifice.”  

At the Last Sipper Jesus said the set form of grace for meals It was itself a sacrificial prayer. It had three parts. In the first part, both the guests and host recalled God’s favors. In the second part, everyone brought themselves alive  to God’s presence among them. In the third part, the guests joined the host in making themselves into one pleasing gift to God.    

Eucharist means “a pleasing gift.” And, although we use it to refer to Jesus in the Blessed  Sacrament, that is only the half of it. The Eucharist is Christ in union with all the faithful who join him in giving themselves to God. If you do not become part of his Eucharist, you will remain spectators at Mass, rather than participants in the Mass.  

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