It is wonderful to picture Mary and Joseph bringing a forty-day-old Jesus to the temple.

Tuesday, 2/2/16

We have beautiful readings for the Feast of the Presentation. Malachy, speaking for God says, “Lo, I am sending my messenger, he will purify the sons of Levi.”

The reading from the Letter to the Hebrew’s tells us that for him to assume the guilt of our sins he had to become one of us. It could put us in mind of that passage in Paul’s Letter to the Philippians that states that rather than considering his equality with God something to be clung to, he emptied himself. 

The Gospel has us picturing a young Mary and Joseph, proud of their child on his first outing. The priest handling the offering of turtledoves for redeeming the firstborn from God just went about his chore in an automatic way, but the old man and the old woman recognized their savior. They were the patron saints of people who slip quietly in and out of our pews.

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