The seed represents fine i pulses we receive from God.

Wednesday, 1/27/16

Jesus told us that the seed in his parable of the sower who went out to sow his seed stands for the word of God.

Often when we speak of the ”word of God” we are referring to the words of the Bible, but by “the word of God” here he is referring to two kinds of impulses we receive from God. One type of impulse urges us to do something good or to avoid something bad. The other kind of impulse God sends us is the sudden light of understanding.

The four types of ground on which the seed falls represent four different ways in which we respond to God’s word. First, our minds and hearts are like the pathway when we are so occupied with other concerns that God’s word just can’t sink it.

Our minds and hearts can be like an inch-deep layer of soil of a rock pan where the seed that falls immediately springs up, but withers for it’s lack of roots down to moisture.

Our minds and hearts are like a patch of soil that is thick with weeds and thorns when our vices and addictions hinder us from carrying out any fine resolves.

Our hearts and minds are like rich soil when we are so free from distractions and addictions that God’s words can sink in, causing a wealthy crop to spring up. 

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You cannot always tell when you are bearing fruit

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