Paul revealed some basic Christian beliefs in his letter to Timothy and Titus.

Tuesday, 1/26/16

Today we honor Timothy and Titus who were Paul’s lieutenants, whom he baptized on his first missionary journey, enlisting Timothy at Lystra, Titus at Antioch. Both of them served as Paul’s emissaries on important missions. He laid sacramental hands on both, sending Timothy to Ephesus as their bishop, Titus to Crete.

Since the whole of our Christian revelation was made known to us in the time of the Apostles, Paul’s Letters to Timothy and to Titus, far from being mere letters between friends, are in fact key Christian documents. Paul’s Letters to Timothy instruct us on the uses of Scripture and upon rules for family life. His Letter to Titus lay down rules for Christian behavior and for the proper conduct of church leaders.

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