John used this story to teach deep religious truths

Sunday, 1/18/16

St. John used this story to open our minds to mysteries about Jesus and heaven. His tricky way of doing that by implanting in his story a number of details that would cause us to ask, “What did he mean by that?”

John’s hope was that we would not stop at wondering about those key details, but would go on to investigate, and find their meaning. Let me mention a number of hose puzzling details.

1. Why did the wedding take place on the third day?
2. Why would poor country people serve so many people?
3. Why does he tell about Mary taking a hand in things?
4. What did he mean by saying his hour had not come?
5. Why did he address his dear mother as “woman?”
6. Is there a hidden meaning in turning water into wine?
7. Why did John call this a sign rather than a miracle?

 1. The Bible uses the “third day” to announce a mysterious event.
 2.There were so many wedding guests because wedding feasts
      are the Bible’s image for heaven.
 3. John is telling us that Mary looks out for everyone’s needs.
4.     Jesus came into the world for the hour when he would die for us.
5.     Mary was that "woman" whom Genesis saw having enmity with the devil.
6.     The water symbolized Judaism, the wine Christian teaching.
7.     John recorded seven miracles, calling them “signs.” This was a sign by which Jesus manifested his
     glory as God.

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