It is worthwhile for us to strengthen our friendships with our kin.

Saturday, 1/23/16

Today’s readings could make you think of our need to build up friendship with those near to us. We are sorry that some of Our Lord’s kin turned against him. It might have been that they were put out by his becoming more important than them.

The death of Saul and Jonathan brought great sorrow to David. David’s loyalty to Saul was surprising, when Saul had been trying to kill him. But the strong friendship between Jonathan and David was truly amazing. Jonathan, as Saul’s son and heir should have hated David for becoming king instead of him. His unselfish love for David defines what true love is.

I am turning eighty-eight today. I was the youngest of six, and I am the only one left. I thank God for my siblings, for the twenty-eight nephews and nieces they left me, and for the grand-nephews and grand-nieces who are coming along nicely. It’s never been hard liking any of them, but if it were hard, they’d be more than worth the effort.

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Happy Birthday Father. God bless. TCL

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