God gave us first Judaism, and then Christianity for us to help each other along.

Monday, 1/11/16

With the special seasons of Christmas and Epiphany behind us, the readings now introduce us to Judaism and Christianity. The first reading gives us the imitial rumblings of Judaism. It tells us how in 1100 b.c. God brought about the conception of Samuel, the last of the Judges, who at the end of his long life, would bring David to rule from Jerusalem in 1,000 b.c..

The Gospel gives us the first rumblings of Christianity by telling us how Jesus called Simon, Andrew, James and John who would be the pillars of Christianity. Through them, Jesus will also call us to follow him.

In the second chapter of the Bible, when God created his first human, the first thing he had to say about us was, “It is not good for them to be alone.”

As much as each of us treasures his or her individuality, God gave us Judaism and then Christianity, because in the long run, as humans, we need each other. Today’s readings invite us to find happiness by helping each other along.

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