Forget about being popular.

Thursday, 1/21/16

Both Jesus and David suffered from being too popular.

When the crowds sang, “Saul has slain his thousands, David his tens of thousands,” Saul’s jealousy over David’s being more popular, decided him on killing David.

Then, the popularity of Jesus had so many people pressing in on him, that to get a little elbow room. he had to pull away from shore in a fishing boat.

High school kids long for popularity, but when it comes, it can make life miserable; while being a nobody gives you the freedom to be yourself.

When Jacqueline Bouvier became President Kennedy’s wife, she lost her individuality. She said, “There is nothing worse than losing your anonymity at thirty-one.”

The poet Emily Dickerson had nothing to do with popularity. She wrote: “I’m nobody, are you nobody too? Then, there are two or us.  Don’t tell, they’ll banish us, you know.”   

When someone becomes a policeman, a priest, a nun, or whatever, he or she cannot hang on to his or her own personality. Each is made to conform to people’s notion of what a policeman, priest or nun was supposed to be.

(My dad didn’t like being type cast as just a father. He said, “I’m a person. That hammer and screwdriver you left to rust out in the rain were not just family belongings. They belonged to me, a person.”)

Forget about conforming to popular notions. Hang on to the unique person God made you. 

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