We should freely give what we have freely received.

Saturday, 12/5/15

When Jesus looked out on the mass of men, he saw them as lost sheep, and he told us that in dealing with people we should see them as he did.

I have heard that sheep are exclusively followers, so that, left without other sheep or a shepherd to follow, they will hunker down and die.

We cannot just turn aside from lost souls, saying they are no concern of ours. Referring to your many benefits, Jesus said,  “You have received without cost, without cost you must give.”

Still, we must use common sense in offering help to strangers. I got burned recently.  Sitting on a bus, I was noticing the weariness of a woman sitting closer to the front of the bus. Then, when a friend of hers got on, the smile that took over her face was magical.

At that, I half turned to the woman behind me, saying how pleasant it was to see friends meet. With that, a man sitting behind that woman leaned forward; and said, “”You touch my wife, Mister, and you will wish you hadn’t.” The sting of that was hard to rub off.   

There are times when I resent people getting friendly with me. I try to get through the yard without being stopped by one saved lady who is determined on saving me. 

But even though there are times when it is wrong to get friendly, there are many more times when by asking a stranger if everything is fine, you can bring them to unload their sorrows..  

Yesterday morning I was waiting for a friend who was bringing me a cup of coffee, and I turned to a man sitting alone. He readily told me that the doctors, in describing his wife’s illness, had used a pack of word the man had never heard before. Sitting there all alone with troubles he couldn’t understand, he needed a friendly listener.

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