This Feast of the Holy Family is mean to cheer all members of God's family.

Sunday, 12/27/15

Although we call this day the" Feast of the Holy Family," for us, all  families are holy families. We think lovingly of them all today.

The First Reading is from the Book of Sirach. It  supplies us with a grand list of benefits that come to those who are good family members. They atone for their sins. They are heard when they pray. They store up riches in heaven. They will live long lives.

Those rewards are particularly meant for the young people who are still living in the midst of their families. But if you are like me, with parents and siblings all gone; you can still be good family people. You can do it by restoring family cheer to others who are alone.

Once when someone standing nearby told Jesus that members of his family were waiting to see him, Jesus pointed to all those around him, saying that they all who attempt to live according to God’s law were brother and sister to him.

So, look around you. All the people you see are God’s children. He loves this one, that one, and that one too. They are all brothers and sisters to you.

He appreciates it no end when you become a brother or sister to any his lonely ones.

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