On this day back then Joseph and Mary were strangers vainly searching for a plaace to lay the child.

Wednesday, 12/23/15

On this day back then, Joseph and Mary were searching for shelter; and with Mary near to giving birth, they were desperate over not finding a roof. Everywhere they tried, it was the same thing, “No place for you here!”

If you were interested in finding their counterparts today, you might find them in the migrants fleeing the violence and death of Syria. The one person with open arms for them seems to be Germany’s Prime Minister Merkel. She is forcing her Germany to do what it can to make up for what they did to Joseph and Mary’s fellow Jews.

Eighteen American governors have told the migrants that their states have no room for them. They say they are doing it to keep their own people safe; but in the long run, making enemies out of those homeless people could be more dangerous.

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