Mary and Joseph will not stay with you tonight if your heart is given over to selfishness.

Thursday, 12/24/15

On Christmas Eve we think of Mary and Joseph arriving at Bethlehem where there was no room for them in any of the town’s inns. I had the school children put on a play about that one time. I had them  imagining that there were seven inns that turned the Holy Family away. The proprietors of those inns each represented one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

At the House of Pride, Miss Prissy Pride told them their inn was only for the better sort of people. The lady at the House of Greed said, “If you have the money, I can be a honey.” Lulu at the House of Lust took a shine to Joseph. At the House of Anger Mr. Banger Anger told them to move on. At the House of Gluttony the lady offered Mary a lick of her sweet potato that she had dropped in grease. And so on. 

It was fun for the kids, but it had its serious side. If you want Jesus and Mary and Joseph to stay with you tonight, you must make sure that your heart has not been given over to a vice that would drive them away.

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