As world leaders meet in Paris, devising ways for saving us from the effects of global warming, we should heed what Pope Francis said in his encyclical six months ago.

Friday, 12/4/15

Solid scientific evidence tells us that if the world keeps burning fossil fuels at the present rate, by the year 2100 the world’s temperature would rise by 7 degrees Fahrenheit; and with the melting  of the polar ice caps, the seas would swamp our coasts, while our grasslands would become deserts.   

This week and next, the leaders of over a hundred nations are meeting in Paris to fix and agree on measures that could save this home God gave us.

A half year ago Pope Francis issued “Laudabo Si,” an encyclical dealing with the causes of this impending disaster; and many of the Paris delegates are using it as a road map for the avoiding a major crack-up.

The encyclical is wonderfully complete. However, at 200 pages, it is tough getting through it all. I have tried to reduce its bulk for our weekly study group. While retaining the encyclical’s framework, and keeping key sentences, I have made a 34 page digest of the encyclical.

It takes only minutes for me to run off and mail the 34 page digest to anyone who wants it. Contact me at 1-904-329-2209,  or;  or at Thomas Sullivan, 3434 Blanding Ave. Jacksonville, Fl. 32210.

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